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Do you know how much you can save on your energy bills?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The energy price is at record high and has put on more pressure on everyone.

We are introducing two possible ways to bring the bills down today and there are more to do by reviewing your bills and contracts, with all these actions in place, the savings could be sum up to thousand pounds per year and even more.

Review existing contract and receive savings!

Are you aware of that you automatically enter into a default contract with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) when you have entered into a contract with your supplier (such as EDF)? And you could be overpaying for what you really need?

The role of your supplier is to sell electricity to you but the DNO is the actual organisation who delivers the electricity to your premise, and the one who is actually doing the hard work, and the DNO obviously needs to be paid for!

You may have the question that I only pay ONE bill to my supplier each month but when and how I paid my DNO? This part of charge is called DUoS charges, and is part of your electricity bill and normally counts for around 22% of your total bill.

The DNO does not know how much capacity you need on a real time basis , also there is limited capacity on the electricity grid so there must be a plan for this. The relevant contract term says that there is XX kVA capacity is reserved for you, and we, the DNO will make sure this amount of capacity available to you at all times.

So, this is actually a type of reservation charge!

If you are a business in London and have a Half Hourly (HH) meter, you could be paying £125.1 per month just to reserve this, and this is thousand of pounds accumulated across years. In most of the cases, the reserved capacity is far more than what you need and becomes one of the unnecessary overhead of your business, just like you reserved a 6 people table for only 3 people, you still pay the reservation fee for 6 people.

If you recently re-located to a premise you need to be even more careful about such charges to avoid surprises in the bill.

Is it not as simple as I will just reduce it? Not necessarily, and there are other considerations to take into place before this!

Hunt for better energy price!

Every minute, we are consuming energy and paying the bills. There is still standing charge applicable by the suppliers even if you are consuming any energy. The government has put measures in place recently to help individuals and businesses to go through the difficult times!

Like most of the time when we purchase stuff, we compare the price and go for the more competitive price. This is the same for energy procurement, 1p difference in the price could result in hundreds to thousands of savings.

In the past 18 months or so, suppliers are facing very difficult situations and do not provide quotations to customers most of the time, with the government influence in place, the market will come back soon in Oct time, and as a professional company specialized in energy procurement, we work with some of the best suppliers who have competitive energy price to offer in the market. We can now provide price as early as 12 months before your current contract expires, and the price will be fixed for 12 months for you. For example, if you have a contract that will expire in Oct 2023 (12 months from now), talk to us today and see how much we may help you to save!

We put customer service in the center of our heart and aim to lock the price as quick as we can and as well as responding to customers as quick as possible.

Energy bills are complicated and requires overall understandings on the market rules, regulations, engineering knowledge, and every customer has different needs and specific situations, we endeavor to personalize each procurement contract and pay detailed attention to what is the most suitable deal to you!

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