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Net Zero: What DNOs could do more to help?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Renewable energy development has seen another peak after a few years, following the Net Zero policies worldwide. The future belongs to greener technologies.

In the UK, NG ESO and DNOs (or DSOs soon) are at a crucial position to deliver the ambitious Net Zero goal. The electricity grid has been playing an important role in the past, and with the boom in EVs, heat pumps and even hydrogens (green hydrogen), the electricity grid is becoming more and more well known within the general public, not only majorly known for the power industry anymore.

There are many angles about achieving net zero, with the one major angle for the DNOs being,

  • providing connection opportunities in a both cost effective and timescale effective way to green technologies like renewables and EVs etc.

T In order to make it cheaper and quicker to connect these greener technologies,

The grid (ESO and DNOs) could help more by,

  1. optimising the capacity management method, like for those capacities which have not been actually built for many years and refinforcement work related processes.

  2. improving the efficiency and transparency of external communications, as well as the communications between ESO and DNOs.

  3. improving the flexibility in decision making process, especially the decisions which are crucial to the viability of a project.

  4. simplifying connection application and application processeses, issuing connection offers in a sooner way.

Some of the points can be mitigated on a single grid company's effort (like one of the DNOs), some of them perhaps need the whole industry's support and coorperations, like National Grid, Ofgem, BEIS' involvements.

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