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Grid Connection

Capacity search, feasibility, application submission, connection offer appraisal etc. 
  • Identified hundreds of potential development opportunities

  • Worked on solar, wind, BESS, roof top solar, gas peaking and BtM, IDNO, BNO projects

  • Unique and competitive capacity database and working process which improves successful rate significantly

  • Submitted hundreds of G99 and transmission applications, with none or minor comments from the networks

Grid Connection
Power System

Power System

G5/5 harmonics, P28, protection coordination, G99 compliance, power flow reports etc.
  • Work experience in BESS, solar, wind, nuclear, motor starting, LV network related studies. 

  • Experience in hundreds of project

  • Flexible engineering approaches which balance reality and technical aspects

Energy Procurement

  • The team acts as your strategic partner, leveraging our insights and network to secure competitive energy procurement deals for you (gas and electricity).

  • As a generator at the same time, we could provide a more bespoke solution to your business when needed

  • We help to optimize your electricity bill while maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability, helping you achieve your energy targets responsibly.

Solar Energy Procurement
Solar Equipment Procurement

Equipment Procurement

  • Established manufacturer relationships for transformer, PV modules, batteries and EV chargers.

  • Access to senior level decision makers to secure the best possible deals for customers.

Project Development

BESS and solar projects
  • Grid scale BESS and solar project development and co-development.

  • Projects at different stages. 

  • Investment opportunities for professional investors and as well as private investors

  • 1 GW+ pipeline due to our strong capacity database. 

BESS and Solar project development
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