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What are the connection dates?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

For the 265 substations we spoke to the grid about, we have done some quick analysis on the collected data regarding the earliest connection date. For example, if a site's connection date is between 2025-2028, we would count it in 2025 and only count it once, so the data presented would be slightly optimistic data (in the author's opinion)!

For the sites with more certainty on the connection date, the peak appears on year 2030, 20.8% of the sites are likely to connect before 2030, and 43.4% of the sites are likely to connect on or after 2030.

The connection date depends on multi-factors, where most of these factors are also variables which increased the uncertainty of the market.

There are currently many positive technical, process and policy changes happening in the industry so hopefully the situation may improve gradually.

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